Resource Links

Here are some links to help you better understand the Episcopal Church:

The Episcopal Church: The home page of the Episcopal Church

The Diocese of Michigan: The home page for our Diocese

The Cathedral Church of St. Paul: The Cathedral center for the Diocese of Michigan

The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts: An organization encouraging visual arts in the life of the Episcopal Church

Episcopal Cafe: A ministry of the Diocese of Washington, this is a collaborative effort of writers, editors, and artists

The Book of Common Prayer: Texts from the Book of Common Prayer from around the world

The Hymnal 1982: One of the official hymnals of the Episcopal Church

Anglicans Online: A weekly online magazine with news and thoughts about Anglican matters both national and international

Read the Spirit: The voice of long-time Detroit Free Press columnist and religion writer David Crumm

Mariners Inn: A shelter and treatment center for the homeless

Crossroads of Michigan: Social service outreach agency that supports the community at large by providing emergency assistance, advocacy, and counseling to anyone in need

The Whitaker Institute