Bishop’s Committee

The Bishop’s Committee is the legal representative of the parish and is responsible for the financial health and physical property of Nativity. The Committee works with the Priest-in-Charge to tend to Nativity’s needs. The members of the Committee are voted on by the community, and terms rotate so that each year sees new members and returning members serving together.

The Bishop’s Committee’s Senior Warden works closely with the Priest-in-Charge and leads the Committee. The Junior Warden oversees the church property and buildings. We usually meet the 3rd Sunday of the month after coffee hour.

Sue Joslyn – Sr. Warden
Tim Wittlinger – Jr. Warden
Mary Creager – Secretary
Sharon McIlnay – Treasurer
Dee Damico
Russ Hiatt
May Kuofie
Margaret Sands-Goldstein